Soffit & Fascia

Soffit & Fascia

The soffit is installed under the roof over hang and is generally made of wood, plastic or metal materials. If you haven’t upgraded it in the pas The soffit is an extremely important part of your house as it keeps a good air circulation flowing from your walls all the way to your artic. This air circulation is extremely important in order to keep away all mud, moisture, insects’ nest and rodents.

We are proud to offer you the biggest diversity of products in Ontario in order to provide you the exact look you’ve always dreamed off!

Fascia & Custom Capping

The fascia is installed on the front portion of wood at the edge of your home’s roof framing. Proper installation will prevent any water infiltration that could damage your roof and walls necessitating major renovations afterwards. Our unique extra strong fascia is pre-notched providing straighter lines and giving an upscale look for your home. The materials we work with are 120% stiffer than the average fascia board used – due to its unique design. We also offer a large variety of finishing capping design available in aluminum or steel to enhance the look of your house.  Installation can be anywhere around your windows, doors, and top of your outdoor walls.

All our material, used for the fascia and custom capping, as well as the workmanship,  have a 25-year warranty.